IBA Heidelberg is a temporary laboratory. Our motto: Knowledge | Based | Urbanism. Because a city that invests in avant-garde knowledge facilities invests in the future. Through local and international networks, the IBA will through 2022 weave a net of experts, supporters and active participants. The projects include innovative schools and research buildings, museums and student housing. However, just as important as the actual built results are the IBA’s invisible achievements. In Heidelberg it is initiating a dialog on the city of tomorrow.



IBA Heidelberg on Facebook

IBA Heidelberg is on Facebook, too. There we report on our projects and candidates, on our national and international guests. And tell you all about the architectural culture in Heidelberg and the environs. Present students’ visions for Heidelberg. And provide interesting short articles and links to our work. More


IBA-Kuratorium mit M. Braum und C. Zillich. Es fehlt I. Mattaj © Christian Buck


Get to know our expert committee

The Board of Trustees is made up of an inter-disciplinary group of experts from planning, science and business. The panel of experts advises the IBA in its programmatic and communicative orientation. The members also support the IBA’s marketing efforts and help to integrate the IBA Heidelberg into an international network. More


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Creative input by the students

The IBA has established an extensive network with international universities. This platform delivers ideas and serves as a think tank for the IBA, its candidates and projects. It gives young architects the opportunities to develop ideas for certain spaces in Heidelberg. More


IBA meets IBA

100 years of IBA

What is an IBA? What can this format achieve? What kind of tasks do international building exhibitions face today? Here you will learn more about the 100 year history of the International Building Exhibitions. More