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Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut (DAI), a renowned institute of cultural life in Heidelberg known throughout Germany and beyond, is seeking an additional innovative location with an “open forum to discuss socially interesting issues”. The idea is to raise the profile of the DAI within the city and to establish an extraordinary venue for new event and communication formats in addition to the currently limited premises available, whose atmosphere moreover does not provoke much inspiration.


In a first step, the plan is to create a inviting pavilion as an exhibition and discussion venue to be located on Adenauerplatz or at similarly underused locations: It will be an “interspace” with an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international character. It remains undecided whether this will be a permanent fixture or designed in the sense of a nomadic, open platform, which can be temporarily transported to other districts of the city.

IBA potential

Social relevance, as the DAI will be augmented to provide an interactive, interdisciplinary, intercultural and international platform for shared experiences.
Structural effectiveness: the DAI pavilion as “magnet” in non-spaces, a traffic-island.
Exemplary character through the combination of international composition and locality as an expression of democracy and understanding between peoples
Above-average expertise by means of a planned competition on temporary/transportable architecture
Polyvalence through the combination of exhibition and discussion venue in connection with the visualization of potential in the urban space


Oct. 15, 2016 | A forum for the Adenauerplatz

In the direct vicinity opposite the cultural center, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut (DAI) an unusual and highly visible venue for events and exchange is to be created. The idea is for a light, organic wooden pavilion as an exhibition and discussion forum on Adenauerplatz – the outcome of the feasibility study by SSV Architekten, which was commissioned by IBA Heidelberg: an “interspace” with an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international character. Tunnel and stairs will lead to the new entrance, Stadtgalerie and the foyer. Together with the pavilion a flowing series of spaces will be created, and areas that can be used very flexibly.
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