#031 International Welcome Center – Welcome culture for Heidelberg


International, intercultural and interreligious meeting place

The International Welcome Center is taking a chance on an innovative experiment: the Heidelberg Aliens Office and the Intercultural Centre are brought together under one roof. Together, the two institutions are aiming to lay the foundations for a welcome culture in Heidelberg. The project is intended to offer foreigners administrative services on a low-threshold basis. At the same time, the plan for the center envisages an international, intercultural and interreligious meeting place.

Welcome culture on all levels

The Welcome Center plays a central role, as it is generally here that foreigners have their first encounter with the German authorities. The spatial connection with the Intercultural Centre guarantees a link to urban society on a wide variety of levels. The “welcome culture” is not only oriented towards the initial arrival and residence of skilled workers; rather all foreign citizens benefit from the realignment of the Aliens Office, regardless of the purpose for which they have come to Germany and are staying in Heidelberg.

The Landfriedkomplex – a place rich in history in the heart of Bergheim

The project is currently based in the Kesselhaus at the Landfriedkomplex, a location rich in history in the heart of Bergheim, which has the potential to become Heidelberg’s new creative district. On the ground floor of the Kesselhaus a café serves as a waiting area throughout the day and thus provides a welcoming atmosphere for people visiting the authorities. Here, there is also a multipurpose hall destined for events hosted by the Intercultural Centre, as well as for meetings and conferences held by the Aliens Office, and it can also be used for joint activities with network partners. Personal consultations take place in the rooms on the first floor.


March 17, 2015 | Exhibition – Competition for a creative district in Landfried

IBA_CANDIDATE #031, the International Welcome Center, is positioned at the heart of the Landfried site in Bergheim. The dynamic area looks set to become an important creative district for the whole of Heidelberg in the future. To come up with a design for this exciting area, the IBA therefore joined forces with real estate company Landfried Immobilien in October 2014 to launch an ideas competition for architectural students, the results of which were announced in March 2015. On 13 March 2015 a jury comprising members from across the regions declared four very different designs to be the winners of the competition.

Oct. 13, 2014 | Mainz University of Applied Sciences designs the “Heidelberg House of World Cultures”

During the summer semester of 2014 Architecture and Interior Design Master’s students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences came up with designs for a “House of World Cultures” on the Landfried site. Under the guidance of Prof. Gerhard Kalhöfer, Prof. Antje Krauter and Silvia Quintiliani, ideas emerged as to how the new welcome culture in Heidelberg might take shape.
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May 27, 2014 | The cooperation begins!

The symbolic laying of the capstone of the renovated Landfried chimney to launch the project: Ingrid Schinz, Managing Partner at P. J. Landfried Immobilien, OB Dr. Eckart Würzner, Bernhard Hammes (Landfried), Jagoda Marinić (IZ) and Michael Braum (IBA).

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