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Muslim life becomes visible in Heidelberg

The two mosques in Heidelberg are on the periphery – not easy to access and somehow separate from the rest of the city. Similarly, Muslims and non-Muslims alike do not feel Muslims are an integral part of the city’s population. However, the less opportunities Muslims and non-Muslims have for meeting or for everyday contact, the greater the fears, ignorance and feelings of resentment on both sides. But how can Muslim life become a natural part of our city? The initiative IBA_CANDIDATE “Teilseiend” has set itself the goal of visibly anchoring Muslim life in Heidelberg.

Building bridges between civic life and the Muslim communities

IBA_CANDIDATE Teilseiend seeks to act as a bridge between civic society, the academic world and the Muslim communities. Its aim is for Muslims to become a part of civic society and have an influence on everyday life. Using innovative communication formats the initiative seeks to foster interaction between highly divergent groups of society. This will not only necessitate new structures but also innovative spaces at the heart of society.

Creating a sense of belonging and closeness

The inner-Muslim and inter-religious dialog is to be fostered by creating a specific place for encounters and interaction. The idea: it should help integrate Muslims living here by creating an emotional closeness to the rest of society, and be close to its center in spatial terms. The vision is for an Islamic Academy, which will through projects and various events explore and illustrate how Islam interacts with local society. Ideally, this intellectual Islamic research will further bolster Heidelberg’s existing image as a city of learning.


July 15/16, 2016 | International Symposium | Muslim Engagement in the Community

Muslims play little or no role as active participants in civil society. The same applies when it comes to urban planning: Often mosques are located in backstreets and industrial areas. The lack of Muslim representation in cities and urban society and their lack of involvement in civil society was examined by IBA-CANDIDATE Teilseiend in an international symposium on July 15 and 16 with the support of the IBA Heidelberg.

Nov. 17, 2015 | Teilseiend in SWR

IBA_CANDIDATE Teilseiend was presented on local TV (SWR) in the regional program Landesschau aktuell Baden-Württemberg. Speaking on the topic “There is no such thing as the Muslim,” Ibraiim Etem Ebrem from Teilseiend e.V. argued “We need more debate among Muslims and these also need to be clearly communicated to the public.”

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