#065 New sports hall and knowledge spaces


Contemporary learning spaces on historic park grounds

The Elisabeth-von-Thadden School was founded 1927 on the estate of the la Roche family in the center of Wieblingen. The historic campus comprises a castle building, chapel and an attractive park. The private grammar school and day boarding school supported by the school foundation of the Protestant churches in Baden (Schulstiftung der Evangelischen Landeskirche Baden) offers around 850 students an integrated study group program with a particular focus on musical, artistic and sporting activities. The new building is to replace the current gym which is in urgent need of modernization, and will provide the requisite space for implementing contemporary education and inclusive concepts.

Joint development of a new learning and spatial concept

The key emphasis is on developing new educational concepts: With the help of a voluntary pilot class for several years an innovative learning concept was elaborated and evaluated, which encompasses teacher teamwork, student coaching and independent study as well as project work for the classes 8 to 10. This concept was already put into partial practice in 2015/2016, and will require additional space that can be put to flexible use.

A multi-purpose venue for schools and community

The idea is to hold an architectural competition for the replacement of an old gym with a new building and an addition, which will also include a modern gym. The new building will need to be suitable for flexible use, say for an inclusion class, for parent teacher talks or as a learning studio for students. But it will also increase the facilities available for local associations and the community, who can use the premises for training purposes, as a sports or play area for vacation activities run by local churches, or as a meeting place for the general public. In addition, a joint energy concept is to be realized with the local Protestant church.

Key data