An »OTHER PARK« linking “different type of outdoor space” for Heidelberg Südstadt

»THE OTHER PARK« in the conversion space of Heidelberg Südstadt is intended to link local knowledge facilities with one another via innovatively-designed outdoor spaces. As a “different type of outdoor space” it will later shape the identity of the Campbell Barracks and parts of the Mark Twain Village.

Using outdoor spaces for urban development

The project foresees linking up the various actors and buildings related to cultural education and research in Südstadt using totally different types of outdoor spaces of a sophisticated but uniform design – from a local park offering various leisure options through to a peaceful museum garden. The aim: to link up the social and cultural district center IBA helped conceive in the former Chapel, the Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic Relations (MTC) – a research center and place of remembrance, the Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof as a cultural attraction in the central building of the former stables, the Praxis-Hochschule – University of Applied Sciences as a place of teaching and research with an emphasis on healthcare, and a place for start-ups in the creative industry in the former stables. What makes the concept so unique is that the Campbell conversion space will be developed through outdoor spaces – and not vice versa.

Special focus: participatory procedure

The IBA, city of Heidelberg and NH Project City placed particular emphasis on an innovative planning procedure that local people can help shape: in a three-part process the local community is to be intensively involved, in the phases of formulating what is wanted, the competition jury and discussing the results. The aim is to achieve innovative creative solutions through an international planning competition. This procedure will be developed in close cooperation between IBA Heidelberg and the city in a planning process based on dialog.

Go-ahead planned for 2017

Aside from the planning and realization of the outdoor spaces the former garrison building, which is listed, will be renovated and converted for the MTC. Launched early 2017 the competition will serve as a basis for further planning, which will be conducted as a series of commissions. All the stages of construction are to take place in several parts from 2017 to 2020. An initial considerable success for the project was its recognition by the Federal Ministry that also includes building: funding is available for premium urban planning projects that have a model character and whose charisma extends beyond regional and national borders. »THE OTHER PARK« is receiving €5.9 million from the government fund “national urban planning projects”. Some 118 project proposals from the whole of Germany were submitted and a total of 17 “national urban planning projects” were selected. Heidelberg is even receiving the largest amount of funding nationwide at just under €6 million.

July 8, 2017 | Guided walk through the »OTHER PARK«

At the 34th Südstadtfest IBAHeidelberg organised a dialogue-based tour to present this German urban design project. More than 100 eager participants joined, in spite of the heat. Together with their guests, IBA’s guides walked to the knowledge places in the park and met up with representatives of the Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic Relations, of Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof, the police, praxisHochschule, and of the creative industry. Already in the park, animated graphics of the open space design competition were on display. From time to time, the artists’ collective Tutu Toulouse surprised the audience with literary and musical performances. The tour ended at the former US-Chapel, where the participants had the chance to see the exhibition of the winning designs of the competition »THE OTHER PARK« in detail.

July 6, 2017 | Seven practices were elected to continue their work on the »OTHER PARK« for Heidelberg’s Südstadt

In the coming years, the former military base will develop an entirely new character – thanks to its precious green and open spaces, and several knowledge places that run along it. This is the basic idea behind the concept for this area of the former Campbell Barracks along Römerstrasse in Südstadt. For this new type of open space the City of Heidelberg and the International Building Exhibition (IBA) organized a two-stage design competition. The first stage has now been completed: On 4th July, the jury selected seven designs for the second stage of the design competition out of 21 participating practices from all over Europe. See press release of the City of Heidelberg

May 12, 2017 | THE OTHER PARK receives official award

Special award for a major conversion project: The project “IBA_GREEN STRIP OF KNOWLEDGE“ on the area of the Campbell Barracks in Südstadt was initiated by the city of Heidelberg and the International Building Exhibition (IBA). It has been recognized as a premium project of the government programme “national urban planning projects”. Florian Pronold, parliamentary undersecretary at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety presented the award during his visit on 9th May 2017. The government funds the project with €5.9 million. The “Green Strip of Knowledge” is thus the individual project receiving the largest amount of funding in this round. See press release of the City of Heidelberg

March 20, 2017 | Competition call for entries for THE OTHER PARK

The city of Heidelberg and IBA Heidelberg jointly hold stage 1 of a restricted design competition in the category urban design and open space planning, followed by multiple commissioning in stage 2. The organizers provide €147,000 for the entire competition procedure to cover prizes and fees. On top of the 10 teams already selected by the jury, another 20 teams can apply for the participation in stage 1. The deadline for competition entries is April 6, 2017 at 11 am. On April 10, the participating teams will be announced and the competition documents will be made available. The competition starts with a colloquium addressing questions and a visit to the site of the former barracks on April 28, 2017. Entries for the 1. stage have to be submitted by June 19, 2017.
The practice metris architekten+stadtplaner is in charge of the competition management. Fur further information please contact Thorsten Erl, +49.6221.6593241, erl@metris-architekten.de.
Please click here for official documents on the design competition.

July 19, 2016 | Government funds the conversion project with €5.9 million

The federal government promotes investment measures and conceptual projects of trans-regional significance and high professional quality again in 2016. This year, one special focus is on the conversion of military areas. In close cooperation with experts of NH ProjektStadt the responsible bodies of the city and representatives of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg “Wissen | schafft | Stadt” applied for this program and achieved to be accepted in the funding programme “Nationale Projekte des Städtebaus 2016” (German urban design projects in 2016): The federal government supports the project »THE OTHER PARK« on the conversion area of the Campbell Barracks in Südstadt with €5.9 million.

January 18, 2016 | Intensive participation in the project THE OTHER PARK

The city of Heidelberg and IBA break new ground for the brief of the open space design competition THE OTHER PARK: An expert body composed of internationally renowned landscape architects, urban designers, artists, and educators has elaborated on the choice of criteria from a professional perspective for the design of a combining knowledge space of the future. At the same time, an action group formed of locals, citizens’ representatives, and prospective users, this is to say the future (knowledge) stakeholders of the Campbell Barracks, has compiled the most important objectives and requirements on THE OTHER PARK from their point of view. The shared results will be presented to the public on February 7, 2017 in a civil forum, followed by a discussion. Subsequently, the international open space design competition will be tendered.

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    Südstadt, Heidelberg

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    City of Heidelberg

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