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Located close to the Old Town and the Neckar Campus Bergheim offers the City of Heidelberg a special opportunity for combining building culture with urban development with a relevance for education and also creating attractive, public places and outdoor spaces. There is a high concentration of university or university-related facilities in historic ensembles in this district. Networking Campus Bergheim began as early as 1985, and is being realized in several stages. One IBA_PROJECT, namely the Prinzhorn Collection is already integrated on the Campus, and others are to be implemented in further steps in the framework of IBA Heidelberg.

Project 1: Move of the Heidelberg School of Education to the former ENT clinic

Founded by the University and Heidelberg University of Education in 2015 the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE) and the International Students Centre (ISZ) of Heidelberg University, the former ENT clinic, a two-story listed building in the German Renaissance style with an annex from the 1960s is to be carefully modernized.

Project 2: Conversion and modernization of the former Ludolf-Krehl-Klinik

Following completion of the first building stage in 2009 and the housing of the Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics, the Institute for Political Science and the Max-Weber-Institute for Sociology in the central area and west wing of the former Ludolf-Krehl clinic, it is now planned to accommodate other university facilities and a student office plus cafeteria in the east wing.

Project 3: CATS – the largest European Asian studies center

With the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) the University is planning the largest Asian studies center in continental Europe, will unite in a single place various Asian studies areas and the library, and be located in the direct vicinity of the Karl Jasper Center for Transcultural Studies. The project will also include modernizing listed 19th-century houses and constructing a new building on the site of the former dermatology clinic.

Key data

  • Location

    Bergheim, Heidelberg

  • Project organizer

    Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Mannheim und Heidelberg und die Universität Heidelberg

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    Carl Zillich
    IBA Heidelberg
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