“Science and Business”

Winy Maas (MVRDV) starts his work in Heidelberg

In order to come up with innovative development ideas for Heidelberg’s Patrick Henry Village, the IBA has been able to bring on board five renowned town planning firms, who will work with Heidelberg’s local community to develop thematic scenarios for the PHV. Winy Maas from MVRDV in Rotterdam is one of those involved, responsible for the field of “Science and Business”.

On Thursday June 14, 2016, Winy Maas kicked off his work in Heidelberg with a presentation in the Chapel of the Südstadt, introducing his projects covering the areas of research, urban planning and architecture to around 100 interested listeners. The following day he joined around 40 participants from business, university, administration and civil society to develop ideas for the PHV.

Various areas relating to the topics of academia and business were highlighted in five groups. Group 1 dealt with the issue of how the new district can be integrated into the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, while Group 2 developed initial proposals on the living and working environment of tomorrow’s residents in the “knowledge city”. Group 3 dealt with the interfaces between academia and business and the spaces these interfaces require, and Group 4 looked at the issue of location for businesses and the requirements of the new district to ensure it becomes attractive to companies. Finally, Group 5 addressed the issues surrounding the theme of interdisciplinary work in the PHV.

Those involved included Alexandra den Heijer, campus expert and researcher for Real Estate Management at Delft University of Technology and Ralf Streckwall, planning expert operating nationwide for the Helmholtz Association and chief planner at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Jan Ellenberg, molecular biologist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Peter Meusburger, Distinguished Senior Professor for Business and Social Geography at Heidelberg University and Klaus von Beyme, professor emeritus at the Institute for Political Science, also at Heidelberg University, were among those representing academic research and teaching. Representing the Heidelberg administrative authorities were Annette Friedrich, Head of the Urban Planning Department, and Ulrich Jonas, Head of the Office for Business Promotion and Employment, while on the business side Udo Sommerer, former board member at Eternit AG, and Elke Schöning from HeidelbergCement took part.

Using the initial impulses from the workshop participants, Winy Maas with MVRDV formulate a possible scenario for the PHV. At a feedback workshop on July 11, 2016, the results were discussed once again with the participants, before Winy Maas presents his ideas for the area at the second citizens’ forum on the Patrick Henry Village at Dezernat 16 on 23 of September.