ETH Zürich, CH – Prof. Kees Christiaanse

“bergheim chess – strategic design for an inner periphery”

A strategy for swapping land is the basis for rearranging the spatial potential of the quarter. By correcting misleading plans like the blocking of the riverfront with oversized buildings and slightly shifting the position of the tram depot, Bergheimer Strasse is reborn as an attractive spine of adjacent individual neighborhoods. Each of them is carefully complemented with additions fitting to their surroundings. Special attention is given to the riverfront with a new scale of development allowing more access and open spaces.

>> To rearrange ownership, zoning and traffic connections might seem like an easy escape for some problems of the area. But with few precise interventions the project achieves desirable spatial opportunities to benefit all. The river is rediscovered and the qualities of the Landfried complex are extended.

The team from ETH Zurich:

Prof. Kees Christiaanse

Daniel Kiss
Eirini Kasioumi

Siham Balutsch
Alessandra Gava
Nathalie Gozdziak
Arpad Hetey
Florentin Näf
Petra Pfaff
Vera Schmidt
Mihael Vukovic