KIT Karlsruhe, D – Prof. Markus Neppl

OKTOCITY Bergheim West”
The tram depot is seen as a potential heart of the quarter. All it needs is a multifunctional roof that can be walked upon and a network of bridges linking it to the Landfried, the former fire station and the train station. Because of the adjacent buildings and the possible integration of the bridges and stairs in them, the overpass becomes natural and the options on the roof manifold. Additional interventions include a signature building near the Landfried buildings and on the site of the gas station. Together the character of the place is turned around using the existing possibilities.

>> By declaring the roof of the tram depot the central public space of the neighborhood and its self-evident connections to the surroundings, a win-win situation is delivered. The proposed structures in the area show a sensibility to the local differences without being shy of opting for the unexpected.

With the introduction of a new north-south axis, the intersection with the existing cycle path becomes the new heart of the area. Here a central open space is established to invite all adjacent institutions to meet. A small tower house serves the students of the adjacent neighborhoods and provides a new identity. Together with a field pattern, picking up the existing geometries, new options for appropriation of space are offered without comprising the strength of the design found on site.

>> The new fourth quarter of the site offers a flexible but precise structure to navigate between spatial qualities and options for programming yet to be determined. By applying a similar design strategy to landscape and architecture, the new interpretation of the existing typologies is successful.

The team from KIT Karlsruhe:

Prof. Markus Neppl

Matthias Burgbacher
Manuel Hauer

Susanne Brinkmann
Jaro Eiermann
Marina Flätgen
Katarzyna Kostro
Sinah Kaufmann
Stephanie Pietz
SaeBom Song
Koko Kato