Leibniz Universität Hannover, D – Prof. Christian Werthmann

Two different strategies are combined to turn around the idea of Bergheim West. Along the river a linear park of wooden decks mediates between the street level and the water, allowing for both rest and passage along the riverfront, separated from the busy street. Moments of irritation give the intersections of the gateway to Heidelberg a new identity. By paving the urban spaces mostly dominated by traffic in intensive colors a new appreciation is provoked that should be followed by a duality of rest and speed – urbanity at its best.

>> The project is as modest as it is precise in using strategies in the design of open spaces that are simple, but promise to be successful. With little effort a maximum of changed comprehension and function of thoroughfares is achieved.

The team from LU Hanover:

Prof. Christian Werthmann

Joseph Claghorn
Markus Hanke

Nicole Bernhardt
Lena Hörtemöller
Andreas Müller
Jonas Schäfer
Shengyu Wang