“The Always Open City Campus: Bergheim West”
By relocating the tram depot under the lawn to the west adjacent to the rail tracks, the project realizes the potential of a new heart of the district. Here existing structures and buildings are used and added to in order to create a lively quarter where different scales, densities and typologies meet. The open space is arranged to welcome activities spreading out of the buildings and from the neighborhood. Highlights are the tower on the site of the gas station and the market under the roof of the former tram depot.

>> Through a precise intervention involving the relocation of the tram depot to a seemingly perfect spot, the proposal achieves the freedom to think the neighborhood anew. This is done without a tabula rasa mentality, but with careful densification, considering the integration of existing structures that are to be transformed.

The team from NTNU Trondheim:

Prof. Kerstin Höger

Astrid Christine Johnsen
Magnus Jørgensen
Fabio Hernandez Palacio
Marianne Knapskog
Bjarte Lykke
Øystein Rø
Janne Celia Seim