TU Wien, A – Prof. Christoph Luchsinger

“Acupuncture Compression Incubation”
The project analyzes Heidelberg as an agglomeration of individualized quarters without a common identity. In a diagrammatical approach three interventions are proposed to bring about clarity about what is needed. Acupuncture: addressing voids to strengthen local characters. Compression: densifying certain areas to a maximum. Incubation: rearranging the functions of the city into homogeneous quarters so that the traffic corridors become important as links rather than separators, as they are now.

>> With a rhetoric approach of dissecting the realities of the fragmented city, the proposals are bold and successful in pointing out the potential of an inclusive city. While acupuncture and compression are within the scope of urban design as we know it, incubation delivers insights into segregation as a methodology that unveils the schizophrenia of our everyday lives and work as designers.

The team from TU Vienna:

Prof. Christoph Luchsinger

Dr. Elisabeth Leitner

Monica Dobre
Tobias Jager
Christoph Leibl
Andreas Lint
Barbara Maschat
Julia Soto Delgado
Ivan Tadic