Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico-City, MEX – Prof. Iñaki Echeverria

“Bergheim West”
The proposal applies to a development corridor spanning from the Bahnstadt to the Neckar, each context provoking very different bold ideas. The site of the train station is used to link both sides of the tracks with an agglomeration of dynamic buildings above them. Around the Landfried complex, towers mark the prime location and densify what becomes clearly visible as the 21st-century downtown of Heidelberg. At the river this radical contextuality turns into a “living bridge”. Sloping stairs, inviting the people to hang out, emphasize not the linear traffic, but the qualities of places above the water. With this dialogical design strategy, between global ideas of architecture and local conditions, the potential of Bergheim West is sketched out in a deliberate and refreshing attitude.

>> The project fires the imagination as to what Heidelberg could be, a small metropolis with two hearts. At once romantic and futuristic, not only as a dialectic between the old town and Bergheim as the newly designed gateway, but also within the project, the feeling for a dialogue between the presumed opposites becomes visible. This illustrates the will of the IBA to kindle the imagination.

The team from UIA Mexico:

Prof. Iñaki Echeverria

Neha Koul
Francisco Quiñones
Carlos Quintero
Alejandra Romo