Multihalle Mannheim

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Max-Joseph-Straße 64


Carlfried Mutschler,
Frei Otto

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City of Mannheim

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Carl Zillich


The wonder of Mannheim

Innovative and globally unique: the Multihalle was built in Mannheim’s Herzogenriedpark for the German National Garden Show of 1975. Mannheim architect Carlfried Mutschler designed the extraordinary structure and Pritzker Prize winner Frei Otto created a roof construction that made the hall an architectural masterpiece.

The Multihalle is an icon of architecture and expression of a time defined by the search for new and freer forms of constructing buildings.

The world’s largest timber grid shell construction received listed building status in 1998. In July 2019, the Mannheim Municipal Council decided the renovation by a large majority. In the spirit of Frei Otto’s thinking, the Multihalle is now becoming a versatile space of possibilities – as a symbol of Mannheim’s future-oriented urban development.

Project report

Awakening Sleeping Beauty

The transformation of Mannheim’s Multihalle