IBA_LOGbuch N°2

Dynamics of the Knowledge City – Projects, Processes


IBA Heidelberg

Publishing House

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1. Auflage, 2019
Broschiert, 144 Seiten


Education, science and lifelong learning are the foundation of democratic societies today. Instead of material resources, knowledge is increasingly becoming an essential source of economic prosperity. But what does the »knowledge city of tomorrow« look like?


As an internationally renowned city of science, Heidelberg must question that again and again. The Heidelberg International Building Exhibition examines how the profound social paradigm shift can be shaped in terms of architecture and urban space. From 2012 to 2022 the IBA will deal with this change through 18 concrete projects.

The LOGbuch N°2 is entitled »Dynamik der Wissensstadt« (The Dynamics of the Knowledge City) and takes stock after six years of IBA. In scientific contributions and interdisciplinary, literarily challenging essays the book documents the processes that the IBA has gone through so far. It includes reviews and summaries of the mid-term exhibition in the summer of 2018, with brief descriptions of the projects and critical and constructive contributions that sharpen the focus of the projects in the fields of sciences, knowledge spaces, urban metabolism and networking.

The conversion of Patrick-Henry-Village receives special attention. Here, on a 100-hectare site abandoned by the Americans, an exemplary quarter for the knowledge society of tomorrow is being created – in which the paradigm shift in urban planning is also becoming clear. The IBA_LOGbuch is supplemented by a glossary.


Wolfgang Bachmann, Frank Barsch, Olaf Bartels, Ursula Baus, Anne Katrin Bohle, Michael Braum, Michael Buselmeier, Ralph Dutli, Angelus Eisinger, Bernhard Eitel, Christian Holl, Reinhard Hübsch, Marcus Imbsweiler, Winfried Kretschmann, Jagoda Marinić, Jürgen Odszuck, Barbara Pampe, Jean-Michel Räber, Christa Reicher, Anne Richter, Claudia Schmid, Friedhelm Schneidewind, Thies Schröder, Silvia Schröer, Walter SiebelMarion Tauschwitz, Eckart Würzner, Carl Zillich