IBA events

Learn all about the challenges facing schools, nurseries, and research buildings in the different areas of Heidelberg. View what is supposedly normal from a different perspective, engage with something new, and enjoy discussions with architects, planners and people who are committed to local projects. You can expect all this from the walks organized as part of the IBA_LOCAL series of events.

There are any number of examples of successful educational architecture, in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and many other countries. Learn all the experience made by planners and users in and outside Germany. Discuss with them and the experts from Heidelberg what this city on the banks of the River Neckar can learn from exemplary, educational buildings. The IBA_LAB it possible.

Look forward to innovative, bold and encouraging visions for Heidelberg. How could the open space in Neuenheimer Feld be designed such that it is different and inviting? What opportunities are there for linking up the research campus with the university campus in Bergheim? Students from Germany and abroad will address question s such as these at the IBA_ACADEMY. You can look forward to the results.