October 8 and 9, 2013 Call for ideas for the city of knowledge


Around 150 visitors heeded the IBA_CALL No1, the first public call for projects for the IBA Heidelberg. The beginning of the practical stage of the IBA was part of a two-day conference culminating in a discussion on “Beauty”. The philosopher Rebekka Reinhard and the architects Arno Lederer and Susanne Hofmann argued fiercely about the significance and necessity of architecture that is geared to beauty – to the delight of the audience, which was glad of such an inspiring evening after a day full of information. 
Prior to this Frauke Burgdorff from the Montag Foundations had spoken about her projects with schools and pupils, and Helga Boldt had introduced the overall concept of the award-winning Neue Schule in Wolfsburg. With their examples of educational architecture, representatives from west 8 in Rotterdam, kcap in Zürich, and Rahola Vidal in Barcelona provided impetus for possible developments in Heidelberg, after which LAB_participants discussed the opportunities for and impact on the city. There was lots of inspiration for possible project ideas in Heidelberg.