▸ We provide specific advisory services by national and international experts in the relevant field by drawing on our broadly-based network.

▸ Architects, urban planners, curators, sociologists – we use the diverse skills of our interdisciplinary Board of Trustees to help improve the specifications for the content of your project.

▸ We work with you to organize workshops, training sessions or feasibility studies.

▸ With your involvement we are able to get renowned architecture universities to develop test designs or hold architecture competitions.


▸ We provide you with facilitators and process consultants, who will guide you on the path from idea to construction project.

▸ We support you in taking your project to the general public: The IBA is an internationally respected format that guarantees your project will get broad attention, particularly through the two exhibitions.


▸ We provide you with competent support in the acquisition of sponsorship programs and third-party funding.