Heidelberg, a city with exceptional resources

Our city is home to one of the finest and the oldest university in Germany, as well as outstanding international research institutes such as four Max Planck Institutes and the European Molecular Biology Lab. At the same time, knowledge in Heidelberg means much more than just science. Knowledge also stands for schools, nurseries, senior citizens’ centers, art initiatives or voluntary mentoring schemes. The city stands out for being particularly family-friendly, offering a broad range of educational opportunities and a confident, active civil society.

Heidelberg, a city facing extraordinary challenges

These are resources whose value we often don’t acknowledge enough. Many of Heidelberg’s citizens, not to mention the countless tourists, consider them to be self evident, because ‘that’s the way it’s always been’ and because we assume that it will always stay that way too. In reality, we live in an age of global and local competition, which presents us in Heidelberg with new challenges too, for example in the field of urban development: The politicians, experts and citizens are all concerned about changes to existing buildings or the design of new housing on brownfield sites. And the same question arises everywhere: How can the future ‘knowledge-based society’ take shape on these areas?