The organization chart »How does the International Building Exhibition work« illustrates relationships, integrations and decision-making processes. The diagrammatic representation of the structural prerequisites of IBA Heidelberg is barely able to reflect the dynamic, experimental processes that seem to mask the hierarchies and dependencies described here. To act as a »Facilitator«, innovation driver and initiator requires a lot of communication and moderation. These do not become apparent in the coherencies of an organization chart. Nevertheless, the framework proves to be sound. On the one hand, IBA Office is dependent on the full financing by the City of Heidelberg and the corresponding Supervisory Board. On the other hand, it is independent because it is located outside the administrative structures and works with a scientific advisory board of high professional reputation. But the competencies also mix when, for example, the Supervisory Board shares information on the program with the advisory board, when the professional touch on politics, and when the local council entrusts ideas to IBA for processing.

Based on decisions and structures IBA Office supports, advises and qualifies both established institutions and civil initiatives that contribute to the IBA motto »Wissen | schafft | Stadt« (knowledge-based urbanism). Before the application for candidate status, the IBA team discusses the ambitions, potential and challenges of the program, structures and locations with
the contributors of the ideas. The steps from the idea to the project and finally to the label are described elsewhere and shown in the exhibition. Structurally, the IBA team works individually with each client to achieve the best possible combination of practicability and excellence in the process, design and implementation of the scheme. With its decision on IBA Candidates, the IBA advisory board points out the opportunities and risks and is personally and specifically involved in the qualification of individual schemes. Once the candidate has been specified, detailed and proven to be financially feasible with the support of IBA Office, the advisory board recommends that the Supervisory Board recognize the candidate as an IBA Project. This defines the goal of making a convincing contribution to the actual building exhibition in terms of pro- gram and building culture in 2022 — usually as a build design scheme that makes a lasting contribution to Heidelberg as a city of knowledge.

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