Campus & MetaForum, Eindhoven

Until 2020, in a conversion project that respects the existing buildings, the 1950s campus at Eindhoven Technical University will be transformed into a “Living Lab”, in which, for example, smart mobility, healthy living, and energy-efficient construction will be tested. The campus will also integrate companies, private research facilities and housing to a greater extent, and at the same tome become a public park for the people of Eindhoven. A key element in the planned transformation has already been realized in the form of the central MetaForum, a listed sixty year-old former machine hall, which Ector Hoogstad Arhiteckten converted into the new campus center. In future, design guidelines are intended to preserve the quarter’s coherence. Bernhard Colenbrander from the Department of Architecture at Eindhoven Technical University presented the project at the IBA_LAB N°1 in Heidelberg.