Zernike, Groningen + Leerpark, Dordrecht

The existing university campus Zernike in Groningen was restructured on the basis of a master plan. The focus of the landscape architecture concept was on car-free, park like spaces, expressive, distinctive architecture and a system of paths that facilitates orientation and access to buildings. The Leerpark (learning park) project in Dordrecht involved transforming a vocational training center with teaching workshops into a publicly accessible district with lots of greenery. The aim is for young people to receive their education in the heart of the city. The open areas have been made more welcoming. Both pieces of work by West 8 are successful landscaping responses to heterogeneous academic agglomerations in a rural, urban and historical context. Christoph Elsässer from West 8 presented the project at the IBA_LAB N°1 in Heidelberg.