Competition: Landfried Creative Quarter

So what exactly is a creative quarter? To answer this question and find a design for the extensive areas of the Heidelberg Landfried site, the IBA teamed up with Landfried Immobilien in October 2014 and launched an ideas competition for architecture students.

From among the various ambitious entries received a national jury chaired by IBA Managing Director Michael braun and consisting of Ingrid Schinz, owner of the Landfried site, Jagoda Marinić, Managing Director of Interkultureller Zentrum on the Landfried site, Ernst Hubeli, member of the IBA Board of Trustees and Zurich-based architect, and Christiane Hauß, Heidelberg-based architect, selected four prize-winners.

Winner of the First Prize: Deborah Kunz a student of Architecture at the Stuttgart Academy of Arts. Her proposal for an “Interface” attempts to create a connection on the Landfried site between the existing knowledges centers in Heidelberg. The entries by Aaron Schirrmann and Arthur Neznanow, who are both also in Stuttgart, both received Second Prizes. The submission by Ramona Kebekus from TU Dortmund was awarded Third Prize.

First Prize - Deborah Kunz | ABK Stuttgart
Second Prize - Aaron Schirrmann | ABK Stuttgart
Second Prize - Arthur Neznanow | ABK Stuttgart
Third Prize - Ramona Kebekus | TU Dortmund
Benno Kappenberg & Maximilian Kocademirci | LU Hannover
Britta Bahnemann & Sonja Gehrmann | LU Hannover
Christian Honstein | TU Dortmund
Jana Gorny & Stephanie Gräfe | LU Hannover
Julian Benny Hung | LU Hannover
Lorenz Boigner | ABK Stuttgart
Markus Krause & Matteo Garzosch | LU Hannover
Martin Lange | TU Dortmund
Matthias Hollstein | TU Dortmund
Nane Kaiser | TU Dortmund
Tuan Nguyen | ABK Stuttgart