IBA candidate #034 Concept development for the biodiversity center – "Das Bio"

Master’s theses by students at Braunschweig University of Technology

How can the zoo on the Neckar gain visibility? How can architecture showcase and manifest biodiversity? The IBA candidate “Concept development for the biodiversity center – Das Bio” aims to demonstrate the different perspectives on our natural resources and to raise awareness for the preservation of biological diversity. Master dissertations produced by students from Braunschweig University of Technology during the summer semester of 2015, which were initiated by Professor Volker Staab along with Torsten Bodschwinna, Simona Schröder and Christian Thomann, offer solutions that combine a biodiversity center with a new entrance to the zoo and regeneration of the Neckar riverbank. The new building should not simply be an expansion of the zoo, but rather a redetermination of what a zoo in the twenty-first century can and indeed should be, since zoos have an important ecological message to convey.

The BIO* | Anne-Katharina Döhle

Within this architecture the visitor is meant to get a strong impression of how important and life-sustaining the preservation and protection of biological diversity is for us as human beings. In order to protect “nature”, it is essential that we have direct experience of it. Inspiration for this design came from Heidelberg Romanticism: the Romantics longed for a union and amalgamation of nature and spirit.
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The BIO* Heidelberg | Thomas Filke

The design of the Bio will hinge on an expressive formal vocabulary that enters into dialog with the surrounding countryside. Here, the lines dividing nature and buildings will blur. In this way, it will be a new landmark without towering over existing buildings.
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The BIO | Michael Tanz

The concept for the interior centers on the idea of outdoors and interior interacting. Visitors will thus be able throughout their time in the exhibition area to engage with the teaching zone and the outside world.
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The BIO – a biodiversity center for Heidelberg | Christine Wöhner

The objective behind the project: to eliminate the opposition between nature and building, inside and outdoors. By connecting the building to nature the idea is born of dissolving the building into its constituent parts in order to ensure it blends exceptionally with its surrounds.
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