“goodbye, g.i.” Final-year projects at KIT Karlsruhe, Department for International Urban Planning

“From 2014 onwards, with the withdrawal of the US Army and the NATO headquarters, several large potential sites south of the city center with a total of approx. 180 hectares become available to the City of Heidelberg, to be implemented for subsequent civilian use. The intrinsic development potential of these brownfield sites requires a rethink of the settlement structure concept, as the city of Heidelberg has the one-off opportunity to make a dimensional leap.”
Under the supervision of Prof. Barbara Engel, the undergraduates from KIT Karlsruhe’s Department for International Urban Planning, studied the Patton Barracks site in Heidelberg. You can see some of their findings here:

Goodbye GI - Hello Heidelberg! | Sonja Dieter

In her analysis, Sonja Dieter identifies as the key challenge at hand how to design a representative border to Speyerer Strasse, establish a connecting link between Kirchheimer Feld and Bahnstadt, or rather Weststadt, and the subsequent use of the listed barracks.
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Technology and Creative Park Heidelberg | Lisa Frenzer

Following an extensive analysis of the overall picture in Heidelberg, Lisa Frenzer developed a usage concept for a mixed urban quarter that interlinks the required uses, giving it the title ‘Technology and Creative Park Heidelberg’.
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Patton Barracks 2.0 | Cathrin Nordmo

With her concept of central rainwater collection basins, solar energy systems and heat recovery, Cathrin Nordmo capitalizes specifically on an integrated sustainable district that commits to the three prime usages – technology park, residential and green area.
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