“Heidelberg House of Cultures of the World” – Designs for the Landfried area by students of the University of Mainz

As in international city of knowledge, Heidelberg wishes to take a new approach to integration: A central meeting place for existing and new citizens creates a ‘gateway’ in two directions: towards the city and towards the world.
The idea: For the first time, the city administration, culture and religion will enter into dialogue in this innovative place. This “Heidelberg House of Culture of the World” can be an urban administration location, as well as a cultural center or interreligious meeting place.
Students from the University of Mainz completing the Master’s program in Architecture and Interior Design, completed plans on the subject in the summer term 2014. Under the supervision of Prof. Gerhard Kalhöfer, Prof. Antje Krauter and Silvia Quintiliani, concepts were developed for the new welcoming culture in Heidelberg. The main building of the Landfried area served as a test case, independent of the planned location of the International Welcome Center (an IBA_CANDIDATES). The declared aim was to breathe new life into the venerable architectural monument with a vision for a “Heidelberg House of Cultures of the World”.

Cultural Joints | Konstantin Julian Richter

The design seeks to create “Spaces for a Welcome Culture” with Heidelberg’s Intercultural Centre and the Aliens Office in the old tobacco factory.
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We are Space | Lisa Müller, Aline Schaefer

“What does a place look like where people can tell other people about their culture? Is it possible to express identity spatially and what does space look like in different cultures?”
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