IBA_CANDIDATE #019 Agricultural park Heidelberg

“Park Assemblage Heidelberg” – designs by students from Berlin Technical University

Bahnstadt, Kirchheim and Pfaffengrund surround a large space used for agriculture, which also incorporates the conversion area of the airfield. The IBA_KANDIDAT #019 “Agricultural park” is aiming to establish the 420 hectare site as an area for relaxation and education as well. By means of a collaboration between farmers, residents of adjacent districts and other local initiatives, an agricultural park is to be created. This is reason enough for the IBA to turn its attention to these areas, including with the help of universities.
Under the motto “Park Assemblage Heidelberg”, a Bachelor’s course at Berlin Technical University developed ideas and concepts for an agricultural park in Heidelberg during the summer semester of 2015 under the leadership of Professor Undine Giseke and Lucas Hövelmann.

SINNESWANDEL | Nicole Brinkmann, Hanno Cornelius Conrad, Vitali Tamorko

The concept of “Sinneswandel”, which means “change of heart” aims to give new impulses to the areas close to the city that have been shaped by agriculture. The idea: to utilize links between the agricultural, natural and urban systems with the aim of developing exciting spaces that draw together the apparently contradictory areas.
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Stadt Land Park | Kai Brown, Antonia Eger, Leonie Ziehmann

The “Stadt Land Park”, or “Town&Country Park”, forms the interface between the urban area of Heidelberg and the agricultural space to the south of Bahnstadt. It is here that town, country and agriculture meet and merge to form an agricultural park.
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ZENTRUM | Lisa Cory, Florian Pampuch, Junqian Zhang

The design, the title of which means “Center”, is strongly oriented towards the airfield, which would be designed as a production and knowledge center within the park. Further small elements throughout the entire area are to complete the park. Various tools were required for this.
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PARK ASSEMBLAGE | Marie Hildebrandt, Mathias Mauererlechner, Jan Ole Rolfes

The concept attempts to bring various different players closer together, with the idea being a melding of the various interests, needs and expectations at developed contact points. In close proximity to the city, large fields are transformed into smaller plots that allow for differentiation in function, spatial format and atmospheric effect.
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FeldNetzung | Louisa Bleil, Theresa Guenther Lamego

The “FeldNutzung”, or “field usage”, concept tests the link between the future agricultural park and the surrounding area. Various elements are to be used to design transitions, permit insights and to provoke interactions. Based on the existing field structures, the visitors are to be led through the park by means of a guidance system.
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