Proposals by students from the HafenCity University

Students from HafenCity University in Hamburg addressed Heidelberg and the opportunities offered by an international building exhibition in terms of an urban planning proposal and architectural designs. The architects-to-be spent a semester studying the countless links between cities and knowledge. With the support of the IBA office and local visits, they familiarized themselves with the city and its history, and developed ideas for a model 21st century city. Click here to see some of their results.

Closer I Isabell Krügermann I Liesa Fischer

In the Closer project the university extends across the whole of Heidelberg. Twelve locations were found and defined as specific modules that link everyday student life with the city.
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NetzWerk I Diana Koprivova | Sarah Rihm

The project intends to enliven the area and also make it attractive to people from elsewhere. Furthermore, by building further buildings on vacant sites it can serve as a functioning link between the various districts in Heidelberg and ultimately lead to scholarship taking place in Heidelberg!
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