Student designs from the Wüstenrot Stiftung’s summer academy

How best to redesign former military areas such as to give them a new identity and, at the same time, make certain they fit into the urban fabric as a whole? This question was investigated by 18 holders of a scholarship by Wüstenrot Stiftung who were the guests of IBA Heidelberg for almost two weeks. At the “ZukunftsWerkstattWohnbauen” summer academy the young architects designed building and open space solutions for Heidelberg’s Patton Barracks, a site almost 15 hectares in size to the south of the city. Under the expert supervision of renowned planners Dirk Bayer (Kaiserslautern), Antje Freiesleben (Berlin) and Meinrad Morger (Basel/Darmstadt) the students came up with three very different concepts for the district.


The “Contexts” concept develops an appropriate, contemporary solution for the Patton Barracks that will allow for the balanced coexistence of technology buildings, residential complexes, business and leisure facilities.
Results from Meinrad Morger’s team


A strategy for coping with too many different interests in a single location. The time for major architectural decisions is over. There no longer is one solution that can be implemented from start to finish, because more and more pressure groups are expressing their own wishes and concerns. What is needed is situation-driven decision dependent on actual requirements.
Results from Dirk Bayer’s team


We are architects, planers. Our utopia is spatial. It is not the utopia of a better world, but rather the utopia of a better place. We want to demonstrate how we envisage the area of Patton Barracks: as a place that never existed.
Results from Antje Freiesleben’s work group

  • A comprehensive publication on the summer academy can be ordered free of charge from the Wüstenrot Stiftung.