IBA_ACADEMY No. 1: Concepts for Heidelberg

The focus of reflection during the IBA_ACADEMY No. 1 laid on two proposed sites for the design-workshop, both asking for the possibilities of public space. The urban design for the Bergheim-site needs a larger scale of urban planning and design, while the “Learning Village” between West- and Südstadt may focus on the interrelation of urban design with architecture and its surrounding landscape.

The IBA aimes for a fresh perspective on the cases presented and encourage unconventional propositions to foster the debate about the spaces for a knowledge based society.

ETH Zürich, CH – Prof. Kees Christiaanse

“bergheim chess – strategic design for an inner periphery”
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KIT Karlsruhe, D – Prof. Markus Neppl

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Leibniz Universität Hannover, D – Prof. Christian Werthmann

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NTNU, Trondheim, N – Prof. Dr. Kerstin Höger

“The Always Open City Campus”
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TU Berlin, D – Prof. Jörg Stollmann

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TU Wien, A – Prof. Christoph Luchsinger

“Acupuncture Compression Incubation”
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Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, MEX – Prof. Iñaki Echeverria

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