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Up until 2022 Heidelberg considers itself a laboratory of urban development and is seeking innovation potential in all knowledge-related institutions and circles. The city of Heidelberg benefits from an attractive landscape of knowledge in a very specific way. Innovative research and educational projects contribute to the attractiveness of the location and offer improved quality of life. This binds people from different generations and origins to Heidelberg, as they are able to take pleasure in learning and researching locally and in a creative environment: A society in constant transformation thus becomes an opportunity.

For the first time since the post-War era the IBA “Excellence Initiative” takes a pro-active approach rather than focusing on urgent shortcomings in a city. Following a call for projects, a wide range of ideas were accepted into a qualifying process and with the involvement of numerous partners discourse and debate on Heidelberg’s future development are initiated.

The new IBA format, which cannot offer any direct co-funding for projects, means that ideas, skills, specifications and solution proposals are all the more important. Diverse stakeholders in the city are already benefitting from the collaborative links IBA Heidelberg maintains with the region’s private sector, universities at home and abroad, and with foundations and think tanks throughout Germany. Thus IBA Heidelberg is consolidating the tradition of the International Building Exhibition as a laboratory for urban development and architecture based in reality, in which, however, entirely new constellations of project development, participation and financing must be developed.

Become part of this process: Use your skills to support our IBA_CANDIDATES and IBA_PROJECTS or assist the IBA in its series of events as a sponsor, promoter, cooperation partner or supporter. Link your name to that of IBA Heidelberg, which resonates far beyond the confines of Heidelberg itself. You can get more information from our IBA_PORTFOLIO or from our team.


Prof. Michael Braum

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