How is the digital world changing architecture, planning and construction? This question is being tackled by the Digital Design Unit at the Darmstadt University of Technology. In this specialist area new computerized design methods are being developed for the field of architecture. One of the projects is the computer game IBA_GAME | 20.000 Blocks.

It is based on the Open World game Minecraft, the most widely sold computer game of all time. In the game, the whole world consists of blocks, which can be used as construction material. Currently more than 20 million players are building their own worlds within it. As an open world game, Minecraft is not only the ideal place for adventure and discovery, but also a laboratory for creativity and architectural experiments. The game makes use of free design and trying things out – and the more gamers designing together, the more exciting it gets.

The Digital Design Unit (DDU) at Darmstadt University of Technology is now developing a version of the game, tailor-made to Heidelberg’s new district, the former Patrick Henry Village. It makes it possible for the players to design their own entire utopia for the new city district in Heidelberg – completely without any existing knowledge of architecture, but with a great deal of imagination.


Key data

  • Location

    Patrick-Henry-Village Heidelberg

  • Your contact at the IBA

    Moritz Bellers
    Project organizer
    IBA Heidelberg GmbH