The discussion of project proposals is based on the five themes of the IBA Heidelberg and leads through several steps:


▸ You submit your idea on the topic of “Knowledge | Based | Urbanism” to us at the IBA office. For the discussion among the experts on our Board of Trustees, you also explain your concept based on the IBA criteria. On this basis your approach might be designated an IBA_CANDIDATE.

▸ As an IBA_CANDIDATE you receive content-related, organizational and preliminary financial support from the IBA office: We help you to fine-tune and communicate your idea in line with the IBA motto. Together with renowned experts, we work together on finding funding options for your idea.


▸ Once the structural and substantive foundations of your project are well developed and implementation appears likely, your idea is recommended by the Board of Trustees as an IBA_PROJECT. Now the Supervisory Board can appoint it as an IBA_PROJECT.

▸ As an IBA_PROJECT you get greater access to the activities we undertake to support projects: We assist you with raising funding and work with you to organize the preparations for your building plans.


▸ Once you implement your project in organizational or construction terms, upon recommendation by the Board of Trustees and through a resolution by the Supervisory Board you are awarded the IBA_LABEL on completion.

▸ The IBA_LABEL gives you national and international visibility. We make sure that your project gets noticed both in its particular field and by a broader public. This will take place primarily between the interim presentation in 2018 and the finale in 2022. The label means your project will become part of both exhibitions and all multilingual publications.