#006 exPRO 3 – Training, learning and working in “in-between” spaces


Location: Am Bahnbetriebswerk 3, Bahnstadt
Client: WERKstattSCHULE e. V.
Architecture: Barthels Architektur, Mannheim
Landscape architecture: TH Treibhaus, Hamburg

»With regard to urban space and the theme of knowledge spaces, this project makes vocational education through practice visible to all members of the knowledge-based society.«
IBA advisory board

The association WERKstattSCHULE e. V. offers practical, craft-based learning projects for young people. Together with the IBA, the exPRO 3 project for extra-curricular education has been working to expand extensively in terms of space and program. Apart from regular school operations, new forms of inclusion are to be facilitated through craft and artistic projects in the building of the former railway depot — a listed industrial building between the districts of Wieblingen and Pfaffengrund. exPRO 3 supports young people from various social and school environments. Knowledge transfer is complemented by the creative and practical dimension of craftsmanship.
Until construction of the Bahnstadt began in 2010, the former railway depot was barely visible between the railway tracks and embankments.

The conversion and extension of the historic industrial building by Barthel Architekten will create an experimental, excellent extracurricular educational center. During the IBA workshop on architecture and open space, the exPRO 3 team and landscape architect Gerko Schröder jointly developed the reorga- nization of the site, ideas for an attractive open space, and a special fence to draw attention to what is happening within. The new site will enhance the urban space in between: in addition to wholesale markets, industry, a former workers’ housing estate, and a new housing area, exPRO 3 will generate an identity-creating place of encounter — a place of knowledge for the future.


Nov. 12, 2016 | IBA@WORK: Official ground-breaking ceremony and public tour of the building site

IBA@WORK is a series of events conceived precisely for everyone, who would like to get to know the IBA and its projects better: IBA_PROJECTS opens its doors to the public.
For example, on 12 November, 2016 the IBA_PROJECT exPRO 3 invited people to the ground-breaking ceremony and a tour of the building site at WERKstattSCHULE e. V. – Because in cooperation with the IBA the building is to be converted and expanded. And it was a very hands-on experience: together with experts visitors could make practical and attractive crafted items, typical of the pedagogic concept of the IBA_PROJECT exPRO 3. The project director was also present, Lothar Binding, a member of the German parliament.

Oct. 19, 2015 | exPRO 3 needs supporters!

For ideas to grow, concepts to develop and exciting, meaningful projects to see the light of day, and similarly for the aims of WERKstattSCHULE e.V. to be implemented, the IBA_KANDIDAT needs plenty of support: financial support is only part of this. Networks, participation and help with content are just as important.
Currently the number of members of the WERKstattSCHULE e.V. association is rather modest. New members are therefore welcome.

Sept. 10, 2015 | “exPRO 3” launches craft-based project with refugees

IBA_KANDIDAT “exPRO 3” also applied its expert knowledge of artisanal training for a long-cherished idea: on the conversion site of Patton Barracks, a craft-based project was launched together with refugees. The results included artworks, chairs and seating, a clay oven and an improvised fitness device. Many of the refugees are trained craftsmen and were enthusiastic about the project. And the efforts of the project operator didn’t stop there: on 2 October it teamed up with the Intercultural Centre at the Landfriedkomplex to present a Welcome Wall, which was designed by refugees in emergency accommodation over the course of the summer.

July 16, 2015 | “exPRO” becomes an IBA_PROJECT

At the Supervisory Board meeting in June 2015, “exPRO 3” was selected as an IBA_PROJECT. Together with the IBA office, the candidate had spent a year refining the relevant ideas: in specialist talks with experts from various disciplines, and through workshops and development meetings, the project operator developed its concepts further. Then came the decision from the Supervisory Board of IBA Heidelberg: the financial, organisational and conceptual basis of this candidate had been developed sufficiently so that the next steps towards the construction project could be approached jointly.

Aug. 12, 2015 | Concept for outdoor space planning with Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur from Hamburg

With the help of the IBA, the Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur office could be commissioned with the development of a convincing concept for the outdoor space. In three joint planning workshops, the team worked intensively on ideas for the outdoor space around the WERKstattSCHULE. During the winter of 2015 Barthel Architekten from Mannheim, who have long been connected with the project, will use the results of the workshops to develop an approvable plan for the building and the outdoor space.

Feb. 9, 2015 | Workshop on the subject of “Architecture and outdoor space”

The second workshop for the candidate “exPRO 3” took place on 9 February 2015. Focussing on the subject of “Architecture and landscape architecture”, the project operators and the IBA held discussions with:
Gerhard Kalhöfer, kalhöfer + korschildgen
Lukasz Lendzinski and Peter Weigand, Studio Umschichten
Marianne Mommsen, relaisLA
Gerko Schröder, TH Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur
Annette and Wolfgang Barthel, Barthel Architekten, Mannheim

Nov. 24, 2014 | Hamburg as an example?

A high benchmark is set for IBA projects: in terms of content, they must be oriented towards the themes and objectives of the IBA. Hence the IBA issued an invitation to the first joint workshop with the candidate “exPRO 3” on Nov. 24, 2014. Similar projects from Hamburg were presented in Heidelberg. Jürgen Hensen from Get the kick e.V. /die Mügge talked about the association and its aim of carrying out youth projects in the areas of sport and culture with a focus on preventing violence. The physical heart of the project is the “mügge”, a boat-building workshop in which teenagers and young adults can prepare for the future by gaining qualifications as craftsmen. Along the way, education expert Reinhard Kahl from Archiv der Zukunft in Hamburg gave the candidate exPRO important tips relating to the topic of learning and pedagogical practice.

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