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Intercultural Emmertsgrund

Emmertsgrund in Heidelberg is located roughly six kilometers from the city center at an elevation of 250 meters, and this part of town is home to some 6,500 people from more than 100 different countries. It is one of Heidelberg’s most multicultural districts. The protestant church has launched an initiative to create a house of ideas for intercultural education here on its premises together with other partners.

Music connects

The cornerstones of the concept are a daycare center focusing on music as a connecting element across language barriers, a shared kitchen and a Jewish residential home for the elderly. The concept for the musical kindergarten was drawn up at Heidelberg’s University of Education (PH) in the context of a seminar. Moreover, the plan is also to establish an institute for quality development at nursery and elementary level with the academic support of the PH. Interaction with neighboring institutions such as the community centre, elementary school and Augustinum senior citizens’ home in Emmertsgrund will involve supplementary services and a correspondingly open architecture.

New district “magnet”

In order to achieve its goal of being perceived not as protestant kindergarten, but as an interreligious “magnet” in Emmertsgrund, the plan foresees setting up a multi-talent competence center. The aim is to give Emmertsgrund, with its diverse cultural and educational program and committed community life, a new center of identity and thus overcome shortcomings in the urban fabric and topography. An interdisciplinary kindergarten concept has been drawn up, an architectural feasibility study is being prepared and investors are being sought.

May 12, 2016 | Emmertsgrund residents’ participation event

A new district center? How do we shape the link between the Protestant church’s former civic center, the Emmertsgrundpassage shopping center and the community center? As part of the establishment of a development plan, a residents’ participation event took place in the Kleine Panoramasaal hall of the HeidelBERG community center on May 12, 2016, at 7:00 p.m.

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