#033 Storage Facility for Energy and the Future


Location: Company grounds, Pfaffengrund
Client: Municipal Utility Company Heidelberg
Architecture: LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture with A24 Landschaft and white void, Berlin and schlaich bergermann partner, Stuttgart

»The walk-on storage facility provides Heidelberg with a future-oriented landmark, which technically and aesthetically symbolizes the energy transition and makes it accessible.«
IBA advisory board

Together with its customers and partners, Stadtwerke Heidelberg is driving forward the local energy transformation. One component of their »Energy Concept 2020/2030« will be the storage facility for energy and the future. The new 55-metre-high walk-on heat accumulator impressively demonstrates the relevance of sustainability and climate protection. Furthermore, the architectural attractiveness makes it possible to create a public meeting place that embodies the importance of energy production: suitable for everyday use, at an authentic location.

For the ambitious infrastructure project, the client, in cooperation with the IBA, invited entries for an international design competition after an application procedures. This was preceded by intensive urban planning coordination and technical concept development.
In 2016, a jury selected three winners from 14 submissions for the facility. The winner — LAVA, Berlin — has since been commissioned with the planning, a building permit was granted, and a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony was held. Construction of the heat storage facility will start in 2018. It will be open to the public with a viewing platform and a restaurant. Interactive displays will help to understand and experience the energy transition. In cooperation with its future neighbour — the Heidelberg-based orthopaedics and rehabilitation technology company adViva — the building will be embedded in a publicly accessible park of energy and movement for customers and visitors.


July 17, 2017 | Ground-breaking ceremony for the energy and future storehouse

On Monday, July 17, 2017, a symbolic ground breaking ceremony took place for IBA’s lighthouse project on the premises of Stadtwerke Heidelberg in Pfaffengrund. The lord mayor of Heidelberg Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, the first mayor Jürgen Odszuck, the CEO of Stadtwerke Heidelberg Dr. Rudolf Irmscher, the CEO of Stadtwerke Heidelberg Energie Michael Teigeler, and project partners, together with 180 guests attended the symbolic project start. In a plenary session of the ground breaking ceremony Prof. Michael Braum the managing director of IBA Heidelberg, and Jürgen Odszuck the first mayor of the city of Heidelberg presented the IBA-Project-Certificate to Michael Teigeler.

June 28, 2017 | IBA project recognition

Recently, the energy and future storehouse was recognized as a project of the International Building Exhibition (IBA): Upon recommendation of the international Board of Trustees the IBA supervisory board selected the energy and future storehouse as one of the projects that will be continuously supported by IBA Heidelberg and which is now due for a challenging implementation. The winner of the design competition is an internationally operating, an innovative practice: LAVA – Laboratory for visionary architecture together with A24 Landschaftsarchitekten (both based in Berlin). The storehouse will go into operation by the end of 2019.

Sept. 27, 2016 | Winners of the design competition decided

On Tuesday 27 September an interdisciplinary jury evaluated 14 designs for the Future and Knowledge Store Facility for Energy and Technology on the Pfaffengrund plot of the city’s public utility company. Three winners were selected. More Information

April 18, 2016 | IBA and public utility companies launch the call for tender for a “future and knowledge storehouse”

The Heidelberg district of Pfaffengrund is to see the development of a place that will make a key contribution to the incorporation of renewable energies into the supply of power and heat. The Heidelberg utility companies are planning to set up an energy and future storehouse with hospitality outlets and the design of the outdoor space as an energy park, which should help to make the energy transformation tangible across the regions. To this end, the IBA Heidelberg joined forces with the Heidelberg utilities to launch a call for tenders for its implementation with a preceding application procedure. The aim of the call for tenders is to find an innovative solution specifically for the design of the outer shell of the energy and future storehouse. For this reason, the participation of artists in connection with architects is expressly requested. The jury of experts is made up of Prof. Michael Braum, Prof. Dr. Klaus Bollinger, Dea Ecker, Prof. Undine Giseke, Prof. Michael Schumacher and Ulrich Genth.
Closing date for applications: May 17, 2016; submission deadline: August 22, 2016

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