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Client: Teilseiend e.V.

»Starting from the Muslim perspective, a future-oriented institution and place is to be created for all Heidelberg residents that initiates exchange on equal terms and at different social levels.«
IBA advisory board

The two mosques in Heidelberg have been marginalized and in architectural terms are not in the public consciousness. Muslims do not seem to belong to the established urban population, neither in their own or external perception. But the fewer the encounters between Muslims and non-Muslims in everyday life, the more mutual fear, ignorance, and resentment grow.

The IBA_CANDIDATE »Teileiend« seeks to visibly locate Muslim life in Heidelberg. For this purpose, the Heidelberg Muslim Initiative wishes to act as a bridge between urban society, science, and Muslim communities. Its approach is to be a self-evident part of city life, and therefore also engage in civil society.

Through innovative forms of communication, the initiative is already providing a platform for discussion between different
social groups. This requires new structures, but also new spaces. The aim is to promote inter-Muslim and inter-religious dialogue by providing a special place for encounters and exchange. In addition, offers of empowerment are to create space for a Muslim civil society. Initial support from the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Wuerttemberg helped to make the institutionalization of the idea appear realistic. An Islamic academy could study and illustrate the interaction between Islam and local society, stimulating knowledge in Heidelberg through intellectual Islamic impulses.


July 15/16, 2016 | International Symposium | Muslim Engagement in the Community

Muslims play little or no role as active participants in civil society. The same applies when it comes to urban planning: Often mosques are located in backstreets and industrial areas. The lack of Muslim representation in cities and urban society and their lack of involvement in civil society was examined by IBA-CANDIDATE Teilseiend in an international symposium on July 15 and 16 with the support of the IBA Heidelberg.

Nov. 17, 2015 | Teilseiend in SWR

IBA_CANDIDATE Teilseiend was presented on local TV (SWR) in the regional program Landesschau aktuell Baden-Württemberg. Speaking on the topic “There is no such thing as the Muslim,” Ibraiim Etem Ebrem from Teilseiend e.V. argued “We need more debate among Muslims and these also need to be clearly communicated to the public.”

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    February 2014
    CANDIDATE Status

    October 2014
    Foundation of the association

    September 2015
    Start of project work

    July 2016
    International symposium

    May 2017
    Funding of BW-Stiftung

    July 2017
    Funding of Federal Agency for Civic Education