#065 Extension of Elisabeth von Thadden School


Location: Klostergasse 2–4, Wieblingen
Client: Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Schule, Heidelberg
Architecture: ARGE Cityförster and bof Architekten, Hamburg

»The cautious pedagogical and architectural transformation of the secondary school turns it into an experimental and aesthetically ambitious place, which will also embed the school into the neighborhood.«
IBA advisory board

The school campus is characterized by a conglomerate of buildings from several eras and typologies. The private grammar school of the Lutheran Church of Baden offers about 850 pupils an integrated working group program with a focus on music, the arts, and sport. A new building in the attractive park will replace the old gymnastics hall and complement the existing ensemble to create a state-of-the-art place of learning for the secondary school, based on a cluster concept. The pedagogical plan was followed by an innovative learning plan for the secondary school by setting up voluntary pilot classes some years ago. With teacher teamwork, student coaching, independent learning, and project work, it was partly transferred to regular teaching in 2015 and will turn spatial in the new building.

In cooperation with the IBA, a design workshop was held with five architectural practices from Germany and abroad. The winning architects distinguished themselves by their international experience in the field of pedagogical architecture and consulting for school buildings. Their scheme proposes a new building that perfectly meets the pedagogical requirements, and structures the building dimensions in a sensitive way. In addition, a »hinge« will be created between the school and the neighborhood, offering the district an attractive space and a development option for the adjacent, listed Helbinghaus.

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