#068 Campus Bergheim of Heidelberg University


Location: Bergheim
Client: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Mannheim and Heidelberg (State Agency for Real Estate)

»The transformation of the former hospital area into a multifaceted campus that enriches the district of Bergheim will provide a new connection between the university and the city.«
IBA advisory board

The district of Bergheim, located on the Neckar River, near the old town, offers the opportunity to combine building culture with urban development of relevance to science and to create attractive public areas and open spaces. Since 1985, the campus has been gradually connected to the district around Vangerowstraße. In 2018, the university will move into the largest trans-European Asia Centre (CATS). This building, designed by Heidelberg-based architects SSV, is in the immediate vicinity of the Karl Jaspers Center for Transcultural Research. Listed houses from the 19th century will be refurbished and a new building will be added to the area of the »Altklinikum« of the former dermatological clinic.

One IBA project, the Prinzhorn Collection, is already located on the campus. More are to follow as part of the campus development. To accommodate the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE) and the International Student Center of the University of Heidelberg (ISZ) under one roof, a listed building in the style of the German Renaissance with an extension dating from the 1960s will be carefully renovated and expanded. In 2009, the central area and west wing of the former Ludolf Krehl Clinic had already been converted into university institutes. New plans include the accommodation of other university facilities, a »Mensaria« in the east wing, and a new building for seminar rooms.

In collaboration with the city of Heidelberg, the state-owned area is also to be interwoven with the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Key Data

    October 2016
    CANDIDATE Status

    February 2017
    First stone laying CATS

    July 2018
    Negotiated procedure HSE and ISZ