Three books characterize the process character of IBA, and document the results of this ambitious urban and architectural project. For this three-part series we chose the title LOGbooks (LOGbücher). A term familiar from sea voyages and used to describe diaries or reports, such books normally document sea journeys and provide a chronological description of more or less complete facts relating to the journey. The three IBA Heidelberg LOGbooks are modeled on this type.

IBA_LOGbook N°1 | The Future Knowledge City | Reflections

The IBA guiding theme, namely “Knowledge | Based | Urbanism” is addressed in LOGbook N°1, a topic of local significance, but also with a relevance beyond Heidelberg. It is explored in the four areas where the IBA is active, and its importance as a program for Heidelberg is illustrated.
To IBA_LOGbook N°1

IBA_LOGbook N°2

LOGbook N°2 will serve in 2018 as documentation of an interim presentation. Until then IBA Heidelberg will be able to present specific projects planned in various districts and perhaps those that have already been (partly) realized.

IBA_LOGbook N°3

Finally, LOGbook N° 3 is to appear in project completion year, 2022; it will document the results of the IBA process, take stock, and discuss recommendations for ensuring the long-term impact of the “temporary laboratory”.