IBA Heidelberg is not just a »do tank«, but also a »think tank«. Alongside the projects that are arising in the IBA context, in the field of architectural culture it is also acting as an intermediary between the worlds of politics, city administration, the sciences, and the citizens. In the best of cases, this will lead in the long term to new processes, guidelines, and networks.

IBA Heidelberg deployed a broad array of event formats to bring people and institutions, programs and properties together, developed alliances, and focused research to set the right emphases.


IBA Heidelberg initiated internationally noted discussions with research experts and practitioners and networked them with civic society – in the form of the IBA_SUMMITS, the IBA_LABS, and the IBA meets IBA network. 
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By setting up the Knowledge and City Lab, IBA Heidelberg provided an important step in the direction of institutionalized cooperation between the City of Heidelberg and the scientific institutions in the area.
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With the IBA_LOCAL series, in the first few years of its activities IBA Heidelberg invited the general public to participate in guided walks through education and learning venues in the various districts of Heidelberg
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