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What does the city of tomorrow need?

Our society is in the midst of epochal upheaval. Complex challenges such as climate change, migration, and digitization call for new thinking. Individual and collective knowledge form the central key to the progress, affluence, and resilience of the cities of tomorrow.

In the 21st century, active (co-)production and the transfer and networking of knowledge occupy a special place in all areas of human coexistence. Education, research, and lifelong learning define the rhythm and structure of the »knowledge society«. In this way, knowledge and non-knowledge also visibly influence the design of our cities: Carefully developed spaces and infrastructure lay the foundations for knowledge to arise and be accessible – and enable interaction between the generations, disciplines, and milieus.

What does a city need in the age of the »knowledge society« in order to be ready and viable for the future?

Heidelberg – The knowledge City

In Heidelberg, the city and knowledge have forever been inextricably bound up with each other: Since 1386, world-class research into the future has been conducted here. How can new places and spaces for knowledge transfer be created in Heidelberg's special educational landscape? 

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»Knowledge creates cities«

In a ten-year »temporary state of emergency«, the IBA Heidelberg took a look at the complex structures of the knowledge society and developed exemplary urban planning approaches based on selected projects.

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IBA Heidelberg is a municipal limited liability company. The IBA team advises and supports institutions or civil groups that want to implement urban planning or architectural projects for the knowledge-based society.

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