The City in the Knowledge Society

A modern society’s structures, ways of life and developmental pathways, as well as its challenges and conflicts, are governed by education, science and lifelong learning. In future societies knowledge, rather than material resources, will become the most important »product« and the essential source of economic prosperity. This profound social transformation transforms the city, its architecture and structure as much as industrialisation had done previously.

Knowledge City Heidelberg

In Heidelberg city and knowledge have always been inextricably linked: Today, Germany's oldest university forms an essential part of the city's identity. At the same time, Heidelberg is growing and continuing to develop in line with existing social dynamics. How can architecture and urban planning help to shape this transformation?

IBA Heidelberg

International building exhibitions are an influential instrument for urban development. The first IBAs at the beginning of the 20th century were exhibitions of innovative architecture on restricted premises. Over the years, IBAs have developed beyond traditional building exhibitions, and increasingly address regional topics of international relevance. Today, cities and regions install an IBA to develop solutions for demanding challenges in urban development. Under the motto »Wissen schafft Stadt« (knowledge based urbanism), IBA Heidelberg develops Heidelberg’s existing potential further. From 2012 to 2022, IBA will be active throughout the city, initiating, consulting and implementing architectural and urbanistic projects for the knowledge society.

Five themes for the knowledge city of tomorrow

The IBA Heidelberg Board of Trustees has specified the motto »knowledge-based urbanism« into five themes: Sciences, Knowledge Spaces, Networks, Urban Metabolism and Co-production. IBA Heidelberg initiates and supports projects in these areas. Each theme raises specific questions related to to the knowledge city of tomorrow.