IBA Heidelberg initiated internationally noted discussions with research experts and practitioners and networked them with civic society – in the form of the IBA_SUMMITS, the IBA_LABS, and the IBA meets IBA network.


At the IBA_SUMMITS mayors, university rectors, and urban planners from international knowledge pearls presented their respective urban-planning projects and discussed their visions for urban development in the knowledge society. IBA Heidelberg recorded the results of the biannual SUMMITs in a printed publication in English.


The annual specialist IBA conference, the IBA_LAB, enabled a discussion between local actors and international speakers from the fields of architecture, knowledge, and urban planning under the IBA heading of »Knowledge Creates Cities«. Each LAB was documented in an online publication.


Stadt schafft Wissen

With the IBA_LAB N°1, the IBA Heidelberg gave the starting signal for its concrete work and for the first time...


»Digitale Stadt?«

On 20 and 21 September 2019, the seventh LAB of the IBA Heidelberg took place in the former US supermarket on the...

IBA meets IBA

In 2007 the IBA meets IBA network was launched as a coalition of former, current, and interested future IBA players. It is supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building, and Community via the IBA Lab event format. The IBA Lab events focus on interaction on the status of the current IBA and quality assurance for the criteria set out in the IBA Memorandum. Moreover, a council of experts appointed by the Federal government accompanies the IBA process. They are renowned members of the research community and practitioners as well as representatives of the local authorities and federal states. The council of experts ensures adherence to the IBA Memorandum criteria, updates them as required, and advises the ongoing »IBA and IBA« initiatives. For an overview of IBA activities at the federal level, please visit internationale-bauausstellungen.de.