Forum Adenauerplatz

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Adenauerplatz, Weststadt

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Felix Wohlfarth


Special place in a special city

The German-American Institute (DAI), an institution of cultural life in Heidelberg that is widely renowned in Germany, seeks to bring new impulses to Heidelberg's civil society with an open forum for the discussion of socially interesting questions.

»The idea of improving the visibility of the DAI in urban space through an exhibition and discussion forum and, beyond that, creating a place, a public forum, is highly appreciated in the IBA context.«

IBA advisory board

The idea is to establish an extraordinary venue for new forms of events and exchange in line with the IBA motto: »Wissen | schafft | Stadt« (knowledge-based urbanism). The Adenauerplatz, which is currently an island in the middle of an extremely busy traffic hub, is particularly suitable for such a communicative experiment. Here the knowledge city of the future could become recognizable and accessible to everybody. 

A light timber pavilion is envisaged as an exhibition and discussion forum. It is the result of a feasibility study by SSV Architekten commissioned by IBA Heidelberg. The aim is to create an interim space with an interdisciplinary, inter-cultural and international character. Achim Menges from the University of Stuttgart has developed a wooden construction with the help of digital design methods — an experimental architecture where crafts, industry and science find common ground. The traffic hub is to be upgraded and turned into an attractive place that radiates beyond the borders of Heidelberg.


February 2014


July 2015

Administration workshop

November 2015

Feasibility study

May 2017


December 2017

Revision of feasibility study

October 2018

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