International Welcome Center

Knowledge Spaces


Landfriedareal, Bergheim

Project Partner

City of Heidelberg, Local Administration Offices and Intercultural Centre

Contact Person

Franziska Bettac


Welcome culture in Heidelberg

The International Welcome Center (IWC) brings together the Intercultural Center (IZ) of the City of Heidelberg with the Department of Immigration Affairs under one roof.

»A culture of welcome and intercultural exchange beyond stigmatization are important foundations for a sustainable, knowledge-based society.«

IBA advisory board

The IZ promotes intercultural encounters and encourages engagement in civil society. The authorities also off all new citizens a low-threshold range of administrative services — strengthening the welcome culture in Heidelberg. The IWC is a place of encounter and participation, and the barrier between new and old citizens becomes more permeable through active cooperation. Citizens with or without a history of migration jointly design projects in their urban society and present-day life.

The IWC is currently housed in the boiler house and in the west central building of the Landfried complex. In addition to the offices of the IZ, the site includes a large hall, office space and co-working spaces on the fourth floor, as well as the offices of political advisory bodies. The building thus provides access to sources of knowledge for political debate. The Landfriedkomplex is a historic place at the heart of the Bergheim district with the potential to become Heidelberg's new creative quarter. In the long term, the IWC could acquire an architectural identity that off s new development areas and attractive event rooms to stakeholders in civil society. It thus creates a platform for migration, a topic relevant to the whole society. The potential of the IWC to become a »House of World Cultures« became clear in the contributions to an ideas competition for students of architecture.


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March 2015

Design Competition Kreativquartier Landfried

January 2017

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