IBA 2018
»The Knowledge of the City«




Midterm presentation of IBA Heidelberg

Before all building projects of IBA Heidelberg will be exhibited at a final presentation in 2022, IBA gave a comprehensive insight into its projects and processes in 2018.


»The midterm presentation has shown that IBA offers valuable solutions beyond the scope of Heidelberg. The many visitors learned about the exciting experiment our building exhibition presents and the potential Heidelberg has gained through IBA.«

Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner

Lord Mayor of the City of Heidelberg

»The exhibition design aimed to create an urban discourse between the specialist public and civil society. Different levels of immersion should allow each visitor to choose his or her own pace and to look at the content in more detail.«

Rubén Jódar

Exhibition Design, Stiftung Freizeit Berlin

»With the midterm presentation at the Mark Twain Center, IBA has opened a promising chapter in Heidelberg's future at a historically significant location, and we can look forward to seeing it realized in the next four years.«

Prof. Dr. Frieder Hepp

Art historian and Director of the Kupfälzisches Museum Heidelberg

The exhibition

The centre of the midterm presentation was an extensive exhibition at the Mark-Twain-Center. All IBA projects were presented concisely to the public for the first time. The progress from the first idea to the real building, square or park was illustrated on the basis of design concepts and expert opinions, reports from workshops or construction sites. Interactive exhibition elements offered the opportunity to browse and discover. The exhibition also looked at other science cities of comparable size and showed how urban development is discussed internationally. Visions and projects from international Knowledge Pearls such as Leuven, Lund or Cambridge served as examples and were made tangible at different stations where visitors could experience them with the senses of hearing, seeing and touching.

The event program

The exhibition was enriched by an event program, which was created with more than fifty cooperation partners: Among them were the University of Heidelberg, the German-American Institute, the Street Art Festival Metropolink, the Theater Heidelberg as well as various architectural and urban planning collectives. In ten weeks, more than 60 events and over 40 guided tours took place – a mix of walks, movies, lectures, workshops, symposia, a school program and other formats. Events of the IBA projects and candidates offered the opportunity to get to know the places and people behind the projects in person.

The feedback

IBA Heidelberg had sought dialog and interaction with the public through the exhibition and the event program. Around 20,000 visitors attended the midterm presentation in 2018 with the exhibition and its various event formats.  


Overall Management of Interim Presentation
Prof. Michael Braum / Carl Zillich, IBA Heidelberg

Exhibition Project Management
Hanne Rung, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Munich

Exhibition contents (projects and processes)
Franziska Bettac, IBA Heidelberg

Exhibition design
Ruben Jódar and Daniel Hülseweg, Stiftung Freizeit

Graphic design for the exhibition
Helen Stelthove, Studio AND

Event program and communication
Merle Plachta, IBA Heidelberg