IBA Heidelberg wants to stimulate an international discourse on knowledge-based urban development. Hence IBA established a regular exchange format between representatives of university cities, the IBA_SUMMIT. IBA Heidelberg fosters the discourse with the university cities of Cambridge (Great Britain), Leuven (Belgium), Lund (Sweden) and Palo Alto/Stanford (USA) among others. What all cities and their universities have in common is the attempt to integrate the dynamic growth of scientific institutions into their urban landscapes. The research approaches of Willem van Winden concerning international Knowledge Pearls provides a first scientific basis for discussion.


In 2007, the network IBA meets IBA was initiated as an association of former, current and interested future IBA players. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Community through the event format IBA Laboratory. The IBA Laboratories host an exchange between the IBA players in order to ensure the qualities specified in the IBA Memorandum. The IBA players are also accompanied by an expert council appointed by the federal government. It is composed of renowned stakeholders from architecture and urban planning as well as representatives from local authorities and federal states. The Expert Council advises current IBA players as well as new IBA initiatives. An overview of IBA activities at state level can be found on


With the establishment of the »Knowledge and City Laboratory«, IBA Heidelberg took an important step towards an institutionalised cooperation between the city of Heidelberg and the local scientific institutions. It was founded with the aim of becoming a »third place« where the scientific community and the city government can jointly design a vision for Heidelberg as the knowledge city of the future


IBA Heidelberg is being supported by various sponsors who are committed to their city. Their support and commitment have made IBA Heidelberg's diverse event and publication formats possible.